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Graphic and Web design

Hello, my name is Monica, I am a Freelance Graphic Designer.

My focus is to design your brand’s Visual Communication to be attractive, pleasant to use and functional to its purpose.

What I can do for your Project

Whether it is a product, the launch of a restaurant, corporate communication or digital advertising, I will assist you by designing an effective Visual Communication to get the best out of your investment.

In my 7 years as a Designer in 3 different countries of the world, I have realized:

  • Brand Identity: catalogue layout, digital illustration, logo design, advertising publications and corporate identity. Give a unique and distinctive character to your business.
  • Web Design: company websites based on usability, functional and elegant design.
    Give your identity a recognizable and effective presence on the web.
  • Print Design: several projects using techniques like: stencil, screenprinting and digital art.
    Create a memorable print.
  • Chalkboard & Hand Illustrations: handmade decorations and illustrations on walls and chalkboards. Create a special atmosphere for your store or restaurant.
  • Photography: photographic services, post production and digital processing.
    To best express the potential of each image, making it incisive and unforgettable.

The story: from Fashion to Graphics

Paris Boyfriend started as a Fashion Project in New Zealand in 2010 .

Collecting vintage man shirts was first a hobby and then developed in a small business featuring custom-made womenswear blouses, the style was a little success in it own way and sold all over the world through the Etsy platform.

The collection further developed in a range of dresses, the highlight beeing the Pic Nic dress, inspired by a mix of vintage childrenswear and a contemporary look.

In 2011 Paris Boyfriend moved to Italy, where fabrics were locally sourced: high quality cotton knits, market finds and vintage fabrics were brought together to create a unique style. Each garment was handmade, allowing to offer taylored measurements, custom requests and alterations. Each piece beeing perfect for concerts, art gallery visits, sunday brunch, a walk with the dog … all with a hint of humour!

In 2013 the attention verged towards printing with an experimental approach: stencil, screenprinting and digital.

Paris Boyfriend has collaborated with local models and photographers, with Stella Thai Photography from Sydney Australia, Paloni from Finland and Lisboa Amor from Portugal.

In 2014 Monica moved to Bristol in the United Kingdom, where she specialised in digital illustration, catalogue layout, advetising publications and web design. Among clients Baker & Bray from London, African Initiatives from Bristol.

Italian clients are Gusto & C. Srl, LBA SRL, Marechiaro, Follow Me Store, Moltavista Agency, Monferrato Delights and more…

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