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The story: from Fashion to Graphics

Paris Boyfriend started in 2010 in New Zealand as a fashion project.

Collecting vintage man shirts started as a hobby and later developed in a small business of custom-made womenswear blouses. This style was a little success. The collection then further developed in a small range of fashion dresses, one of the highlights beeing the Pic Nic dress, inspired by a mix of vintage childrenswear and a contemporary crafty look.

In 2011 Paris Boyfriend moved to Italy where fabrics were locally sourced: high quality cotton knits, market finds and vintage fabrics collected worldwide over the years were used to create a unique style. Each garment was handmade, allowing to offer taylored measurements, custom requests and alterations. Each piece beeing perfect for concerts, art gallery visits, sunday brunch, a walk with the dog … all with a hint of humour!

In 2013 the attention verged towards prints with an experimental approach: stencil, screenprinting and digital among the techniques; dogdy animal characters, edgy shapes and polka dots among the subjects.

Paris Boyfriend has collaborated with local models and photographers, with Stella Thai Photography from Sydney Australia, Paloni from Finland and Lisboa Amor from Portugal.

In 2014 the project moved to Bristol United Kingdom, the sewing machines left behind replaced by pencils, paint and pixels. Specialising in digital illustration, catalogue layout, advetising publications and web design. Among clients Baker & Bray from London, African Initiatives from Bristol.

Among italian clients are Gusto & C. Srl, Avis Casale Monferrato, Marechiaro, Follow Me Store, Moltavista Agency, Monferrato Delights and more…

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